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Where laughter matters and Whoopie Cushions are not just tolerated,  but encouraged. 
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Welcome to Humor Writers of America

Mystery writers have theirs. So do Thriller writers and Sci-Fi. Romance writers know where they can go to hang out.  They all have a home. But not humor writers. We've never had a place to hang our Whoopie cushions.

It's time to fix that.

So welcome to Humor Writers of America, whose ultimate goal is to be a meeting forum for humor authors and for those looking to read bursts of insane humor, slapstick, sarcasm, drollness, wit and other expressions of mirth. So if you want to join, click the 'join' tab to the right. Or if you are just looking for fun books, come on in and browse our members' websites and links to their books. You'll find best selling novelists like Tim Dorsey, W Bruce Cameron and Christopher Moore mixed with bloggers, indie-published, humor columnists and everything in between. What we all share is love of tickling the funny bone.

If you're wondering if we will accept non-American members, yes, of course we will ... probably, I guess. But we couldn't create a cool Acronym like 'HA' from 'Humor Writers of the World.' We'd have to call it HWW, which would be way too hard to pronounce, plus it sounds way too much like the mating call of a South American deer.

For now, this will be a bit of a work in progress, but expect it to change in fits and bursts closely matching our caffeine level. Also, we expect to figure out how to make it interactive, and part of this process is to accept suggestions... and volunteers (grin).

We're still trying to figure out what do do with membership fees (no plans for any at this point) and benefits (health care won't be one of them), but we expect to add value to humor writers by giving them a place to make themselves known and to announce cool new stuff they've done. They will also benefit by being able to write that they are a member, and to display the HA membership badge on their blog and websites.

Best of all, we're no longer orphans!

We love readers (they taste good). So if you're a reader, please come on in and browse the books and author sites!!!